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Life Membership Criteria

The Executive shall grant Life Membership to such persons deemed worthy & deserving of this honour.


Life Membership shall be awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to the Club. Stringent qualifications must be met to achieve this highly respected and valued award.


A prescribed number of games is required;

200 games as a Registered Player,

or 300 games as a Volunteer Official,

or A combination of 300 games as a Player / Volunteer Official.

All recipients must have been active Club Members for at least 10 years. An active year shall be defined as having participated/ supported / assisted for at least 60% of all games in that year.

Volunteer Officials are set a higher benchmark on the basis that it is possible to accrue 2 games each Saturday.

All Life Members must have a “hands on” awareness of what's involved in running the Club. In regard to a Player's eligibility, he shall only receive Life Membership after 200 games if he has served on the Club Committee (in any capacity) for not less than two terms/ years.


Officials are defined as those persons listed on official Team Lists. Only voluntary (i.e. unpaid) service shall count toward Life Membership. Each Official's tally shall be listed each year in the Annual Report. Record Keeping It is each individual's responsibility to ensure that their games are tallied correctly each year. It is also incumbent on senior Members within the Club to ensure that accurate records are maintained. If claims are made in regard to missed games, adjustments shall only be made if official team sheets or official Club documentation can be obtained to verify the claim.

Code of Conduct

Recipients of Life Memberships shall be subject to the adherence of the Club's Code Of Conduct. This shall ensure that Life Membership retains its high status. Those who have previously been found guilty of a serious breach or two minor breaches, shall have a minimum 100 games added to their qualification hurdle. The incumbent Committee shall have the option to increase (but not decrease) this hurdle if they deem it fit to do so. This action is only potentially applicable to nominees with prior offences.

Honour Board Notional Games.

A notional 18 games per year shall be allocated toward Life Membership qualification to those who serve the Club in a senior capacity. The positions relevant to this are that of the President, the Honorary Administrative Secretary, the Treasurer, the Senior & Reserves Coaches & the Club Member.


At each AGM, qualified Members may be nominated for Life Membership. The Committee will review the nomination, ensuring all prerequisites have been met. If qualified, the member will be awarded Life Membership at the next Club Presentation night.