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2009 Foster's Cup *

2009 winners.jpg

Winners: Box Hill North
Runners up: Tokyo Goannas

October 4, 2009

Box Hill North FC are once again Japan AFL Cup Champions.  The Demons played a hard fought grand final in wet and rainy conditions that ended up being a 13 goal thrashing of the Tokyo Goannas.

Due to a couple of typhoons off of the Japan coast the weather was wild all day.  Torrential rain and a thunderstorms hammered the rugby oval that we battled away on throughout the day.

Our first game was against the young university team which we beat quite easily by around 80 points.  The scoreboard however was not a fair representation of how much the Japanese players have improved. Our second game was against the veteran hawks who are made up of most the best Japanese players that are no longer at university including two players that trained with Essendon not that long ago.  Ina close hard fought battle we came out winners by 3 goals.  The Hawks took it to us in a big way and will be extremely hard to beat in the future.

The grand final saw the two top teams from each pool play off in a 4 x 10 minute quarter game.  After a lot of travel, big nights and a day of football on a rain soaked oval we were extremely tired going into this game however we came out of the blocks and got away to an early lead.  From then on our body pressure and intensity at the ball was too much for the opposing Goannas.

We recruited our past Japanese friends in Masaya and Bob who played with us for the day and were instrumental in our wins.  Dan once again won the best player of the tournament and kicked around 20 goals all up in the 3 games.  Awesome efforts from Japanese veterans in Corka, Alfie and Buckets who battled all day through the guts.  Turbo and Oaks provided speed and goals through our half forward line and Langers, Nuggets and Kotsa were like a wall down back with only 5 goals being scored against us all day. The old boys in Simon and Hood worked hard all day.  Hood missed out on the last game as he received a crunching blow against the Hawks and ended up with a case of concussion. Tubers made is debut and came very close to kicking a goal on two occasions.  The Biffo looked good as always and was extremely dangerous around goal (wink wink Hood). Bob was named our best player for the day by the JAFL however i think the honors need to go to the Big Cox who dominated all day long and was the big difference for us in the grand final.  His tap work was awesome and he also showed us he can kick a big goal by slotting one from about 60 out in the granny.

Dovo points unfortunately go to Hood for being knocked out, Kotsa for doing his calf again, and the captain of the Goannas who told Nuggets to get a haircut.  We very fairly dubbed him friar tuck as he had a shocking hair cut himself.  Also the American guy from the red-backs who made a fool of himself at the party.

Celebrations were low key due to everyone being so buggered however you could not wipe the grin off of anyones face as we were extremely please with how we played throughout the day.

Once again please don’t be fooled by the scoreboard, the Japanese players are improving immensely and we are extremely lucky as a club to be part of what is happening with this great game in Japan.