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Elgar Park, Elgar Rd
Box Hill 3128

In Memorial

Rod Pit

Pitty was a Premiership Player in our 1991 team.

He was named ruckman in The Team of the Century.

A great mark & an excellent tap ruckman he also knew where the goals were when needed.

Pitty was definitely a true character of our club & always had a smile for everyone.

He will be sadly missed by his old team mates & friends @ BHNFC.

Vale Rodney ... you gave us Spicks & Specks of your life.

Joanne Cox

12/04/1977 - 4/07/2011

“Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye?”

Joey Cox joined the BHN community in 2007 when she came down with the Surrey Park Panthers who were in need of training facilities. Excited as the lads were to have a group of women come across, the experience only lasted a season and the memories faded soon after. It wasn’t until now, many years later, that I realized the profound impact of such a short lived experiment was to have on the BHNFC.

The following pre-season whilst the boys were sweating it out on the dusty brown surface of Elgar Park, away in the distance I could see a young woman steadily approaching my way. As she got closer, I found myself struggling to look away instead becoming mesmerized. Her smile said it all; A bit sheepish yet cheeky; Excited yet gentle. I was about to experience a rare moment in one’s life when the barriers built from a lifetime of personal pain and hurt just disappeared and I was back to a time when I was child void of paranoia and suspicion and just pure innocence. Strange as it may sound to some, I started feeling love and my body filling with life. Before I knew it, I had a great big smile on my face too as she stood near and asked if she can join the boys in pre-season training. “Sure you can. Just try not to upstage too many of the boys”. Of course I was only joking but truth be said, I think she did upstage a few of the lads! It was Jo and this was the beginning that saw an incredible human being etching her way into our hearts, minds and souls.

Jo soon embraced the club and her desire to assist allowed her to pursue and nurture one her many passions – umpiring! In subsequent years, she umpired (boundary, goal, field) numerous games for the club. She was never asked…she, always asked. If there is one story I could share that would typify Jo, it would be this:

In 2007, we played one of our games against Richmond Centrals at Punt Rd Oval. Jo wasn’t going to miss this opportunity and so let it be known that she wanted to do boundary. To be honest, I don’t actually recall exactly where she was that morning but I reckon I would be close if I said she was probably playing football or umpiring in some other game. On her way to Punt Rd, she copped two flat tyres but she wasn’t too concerned about that. She didn’t bother ringing any of us, just hailed down a taxi and made her way. Jo would not accept any money for the cab fare or even for her boundary services. She just wanted to help and be a part of the whole experience. In giving, she always received plenty in return.

In the past week, I’ve struggled with one particular word – “our”. Initially upon the news of her passing, all I kept thinking was “our Jo…our angel”. Jo gave many things to BHNFC in so many ways. She brought down Kaine and husband Nick who not only developed into tremendous players but life long friends to many at the club. She joined the East Burwood Devils in 2008 and played 50+ games of football, and along the way became a very popular and much loved member there too. Not enough for Jo, in 2009, she also joined the VAFA and became a boundary umpire and had tremendous ambitions to further develop that aspect of her life. Somewhere along the way, the VAFA and the greater football community also fell in love with her too. Like all angels, she didn’t

belong to us, she didn’t belong to anyone. She wasn’t just “our” Jo, she was everyone’s Jo.

Goodbye’s are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you
Until we meet again!

On behalf of the BHN community, goodbye Jo…for now! You were and will always be one the most beautiful and bravest human beings to have graced this earth. It was an absolute privilege and honour to have known you - a beacon of light that will forever shine in our hearts.

Rest In Peace Joey.  We will miss you.

David Perrett

David "Polly" Perrett played 41 games with BHNFC between the years 1986 - 1992.  He came down to the club with his older brother Warren. Warren would go on to become our Club's first premiership coach in 1991.

Polly was a friendly, happy guy.  He enjoyed having fun and was liked by all; I can't recall too many occaisions where he wasn't laughing or smirking or alternatively making someone else laugh.  He was a pest on the footy ground - always keen to drive the opposition to distraction with his antics.  As was the era, he gave as well as he got, but did not have a vindictive bone in his body.  Irrespective of the result, Poll would always have a jar with the opposition post-game...

David was married to Joanne and had two children, Wesley and Caitlyn.
Our condolences go out to all of Polly's family and friends.

Rest easy Poll.  We'll miss you.

Stuart 'Gonzo' D’Altera

1960 - 2004

Stuart 'Gonzo' D’Altera was an exceptional mechanic, a family man and a local lad from the Box Hill area. He was also a great mate of the BHNFC.

My first memories of Gonzo was seeing him with a can of VB in hand, wearing a jacket with the club’s old colours and cheering on the senior team. Gonz had just been into battle in the reserves and was there to support the club he loved in the seniors. This would be a lasting symbol of Gonzo for me, someone who cared about the mates he played and trained with. Not only would Gonzo go into battle with you on the field he would also off the field.
I remember a particular game against the Adelphians when the Ferguson brothers started to introduce thuggish antics. I had lined up at full back as a skinny 19 or 20 year old on the “nicer” of the Ferguson brothers when the game began disintegrating into behind the play elbows and punches. Gonzo and Bomber and a few others had noticed this from the sidelines and were getting agitated. It was when the half time siren rang that I found myself out of my depth against a Ferguson and Gonzo having noticed this rushed to my aid. As much as he was not supposed to intervene or be on the ground, Gonzo was always there for his mates, no matter what the consequence. From that day onwards I always knew that Gonzo had my back and that is why in my last season for the club I felt it symbolic to put Gonzo on my back.

Gonzo was not the most gifted player on our list, but was one of the most committed. Having played for St.Andrews in his earlier days, he moved on to play 79 games for BHNFC. I remember the joy he experienced in being a part of the 1995 reserves flag and whilst I never played in that game, he certainly made sure I was part of the celebrations after the game. For him it didn’t matter if you were on the ground or off the ground, everyone at the club was part of the journey.

Even though he only played 79 games for our great club, it was testament to his strength of mind that he fought back from a serious road accident in which his back and body was badly injured. This would remain an issue throughout his playing time, but still he continued to commit to being there with his mates.
It was my great honour to take his number 58 into a finals campaign for BHNFC, knowing that his spirit was with me every step of the way. That number has now been retired in honour of one of the club’s great mates!

Darren 'Gilly' Gill

24/5/1966 - 6/05/2011

It's with sadness BHNFC announce the passing of past player Darren 'Gilly' Gill.

Most if not all of our current generation of players would not be familiar with the name but he was certainly well known, respected and a friend to a number of our long time members who will be saddened by this news.  In the words of a club great and life member;

"Sad news, one of our past players passed away on Sunday.  Darren Gill (aka Gilly) was with the club in the early days (may even be a foundation member).  He was a good man.  he had been sick for some time; he fought the good fight and finally passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his loved ones.  He is survived by his wife Judy and three young children Joshua, Benjamin and Sophie.  He was 44."

On behalf of the entire BHN community, we wish to extend our condolences and join Darren's family in mourning his loss.

Brad 'Bear' Berryman

Brad Berryman the Sportsman was as skillful as he was competitive, as talented as he was humble, and an integral part of our small slice of success back in the '90s. For all the speculation that has been generated since the club announced our TOTC, not once have I heard anyone suggest Bear's spot was up for grabs: Strong overhead, a great reader of the game, and for mine, the most accurate kick for goal to ever grace the paddock for Box Hill North FC. Ask any on-baller lucky enough to have played  with him; when Bear marked within 50 metres of goal, you simply turned, walked back to the middle, and waited for the ball to be bounced...
Brad Berryman the Man was no less decorated. He was an honest man and someone you could rely on, both on & off the ground. He was as competitive as anyone I've met, yet loved, and more importantly, respected by all. His loss has had a deep impact on all who knew him.
I consider myself both fortunate and priviledged to have known Brad and to have been one of his many mates.
We'll never forget you Bear.

Your 91 Premiership team mate

Daryl Brunning

11/01/1941 - 10/03/2008

Daryl joined Box Hill North around 2000, initially coming to watch his son Stuart play.  However, he was soon in the thick of things becoming team manager for both teams and quickly becoming the key off field person on match days.

Daryl joined the committee shortly thereafter and played a huge part in the renaissance of the club.

When we joined the VAFA in 2002, Daryl became Box Hill North's "VAFA  Member" and still held that position on his passing.  It was no easy task making the voice of a small D4 club heard but Daryl was in his element and quickly all the VAFA hierarchy became aware of  Daryl and Box Hill North's endeavours.

Daryl was a huge supporter of our involvement with Japan and hosted many of the Japanese scholarship players such as Genki, Taishi and others at his home for up to 12 months at a time.  Without this help, these scholarship players would not have been able to finance this experience of a year playing footy in Australia.  It was good to see the enjoyment Daryl got out of sharing his home with a youngster from a totally different culture and despite the age and cultural chasms, they just seemed to click together.

Daryl toured Japan three years ago and made a big impact there as well.  He was quickly into the organising mode, helping run match days and also was a stand out in the partying. It was a trip that held very fond memories for him.

It was no surprise to learn that despite being gravely ill, Daryl was preparing in his last days to drop into the VAFA on Member duties.  He loved that role and was very proud of the club that we have become.

We'll miss you Daryl.

Brett 'Beatle' Evans